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One $CHING to rule them all 😑



In glorious communist China we provide for our population! A 3% reflection is applied on every buy, sell and transfers. Directly benefiting the children of our great nation and the war efforts. Look at them wasting their life on TikTok and PornHub. How weak and pathetic they have become. We will infiltrate and crush their unworthy gweilo memes until there is nothing left but our great leader ChingPoo. This is a cultural war and we will fight till the whole world is part of our great communist family!


The dead wallet contains more than 50% of the total supply. As a result, when reflections occur, over 50% of them are allocated to the dead wallet and consequently applying a burn without calling the burn function on each transaction. We have taken this approach to safe you money on transaction fees, since less functions have to be called.


Nobody has the time to constantly claim rewards, let alone the money to pay network fees for it. That’s why we’ve implemented a 3% reflection on each transaction, giving you the possibility to enjoy frictionless-yield!


Safe investment. Liquidity will be locked and ownership will be renounced to make this truly a community driven token!


    Total supply: 1.412.000.000 (population of China)

    Dead address: 635.400.000 (50%)

    Presale: 317.700.000 (22.5%)

    Listing: 282.400.000 (15%)

    Team: 35.300.000 (5.5%)

    Airdrop: 141.200.000 (7%)

    Unsold tokens will be burned

    Max wallet: 2%

1% distribution to ChingPoo holders

1% Auto Burn

1% using for developments and marketing

How to participate

Send ETH on Ethereum or BNB on BSC to the following contract pinned or use the presale dApp at the top. Send a minimum 0.1 ETH / maximum of 2 ETH. You will get a $CHING amount according to your ETH entry. Listing and next steps: as soon as the presale has concluded either through filling the hardcap or once the time has passed, we are conducting a vote. You as a presale participant are able to decide wether we are listing on Ethereum, BSC or both!

Token Sale


15 ETH SoftCap
30 ETH HardCap

1 $CHING = 0.0001 USD

Listing Price: +15%